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To develop education under an innovative and critical-reflexive environment, through the practice of teaching, research and extension to the community in the several fields of the scientific, humanistic and technological knowledge, contributing to the formation of citizens and professionals committed to high values of social and environmental responsibilities.


The University of Western São Paulo, based in Presidente Prudente, São Paulo State, Brazil, is the largest higher educational institution in the city and surrounding area. It is recognized by its cutting edge infrastructure standards and by the distinctive faculty members, whose academic achievement has obtained outstanding projection throughout Brazil.

UNOESTE offers over 60 undergraduate courses, more than 100 undergraduate courses across a wide range of disciplines, both presencial and distance learning, as well as six Master´s and two Doctoral programs. All of them have obtained recognition and recommendation by the Brazilian Ministry of Education, INEP and CAPES, which are the official committees for evaluating higher education in Brazil.

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Unoeste at a Glance

  • 20,000+

    Master´s Degrees
  • 700+

    Doctoral Programs
  • 100+
    Undergraduate courses



The history of the University of Western São Paulo is strictly related to the foundation of its maintaining institution, named Presidente Prudente Educational and Cultural Association, also known as ‘APEC’, on January 10, 1972. The establishment of APEC is recognized as a pioneer and prospective initiative to promote higher education in the west side of São Paulo State, Brazil.

In order to achieve its global mission, the first Faculty to be established was the College of Sciences, Languages and Education, on October 21, 1972, emphasizing the formation of teachers and specialists to develop their professional career in elementary education. The following steps included the organization of the Faculty of Health Sciences and other fields of knowledge with strong regional and national demand.

As a consequence of the high diversity and excellence of its courses and educational programs, the University of Western São Paulo was established and officially recognized by the Brazilian Government through the Ministry of Education Decree n.83, on February 12, 1987.

The employment of a challenging and persevering profile, which was initially drawn by its founders, allied to democratic and participative actions, and the crucial decision of strong investments in high technology and distinctive professionals have enabled UNOESTE to achieve outstanding levels in educational, cultural, scientific and social activities in benefit of the community.

Infrastructure Aspects

Academic activities are carried out on five Campuses, two of them are located in Presidente Prudente, one is located in the neighboring city of Alvares Machado and the newest ones in Jaú and Guarujá, all in São Paulo State. Besides, the University holds an Experimental Farm based in Presidente Bernardes, approximately 45 km from Presidente Prudente.

Our on-campus offerings include clinics, specialized laboratories, libraries, theater, conference rooms, auditoriums, restaurant, veterinary hospital, experimental fields, sports gymnasium, museums, among many other administrative offices, which make our university both a place to nourish your talents and to experience the university life.

All the University physical structure, services and human resources are available for the benefit and welfare of the community.



Rua José Bongiovani, 700 - Cidade Universitária
Presidente Prudente - SP - Brasil
CEP: 19.050-920
Telefone: (018) 3229-1000



Rodovia Raposo Tavares, km 572 - Bairro Limoeiro
Presidente Prudente - SP - Brasil
CEP: 19.067-175
Telefone: (018) 3229-2000


Experimental FARM

Rodovia Olímpio Ferreira da Silva (SP-272), km 17, Nova Pátria, distrito de Presidente Bernardes - SP


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